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Reviews about Star Glasses shop naksungdae (스타안경원)

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  • 2022, july 27, 4:42 am
    I received wonderful customer service at star glasses. Very professional, friendly and I was impressed by the thorough examination. There was a nice selection of glasses and contacts too. If I find myself in Korea again and in need of glasses, I will definitely come back! PS. The location was very convenient — right next to the metro stop.
    • 2022, august 12, 3:00 pm
      Hello, Louise Cartmill

      Through a precise vision test and eye focus measurement,
      I'm glad that we're able to deliver a clearer and clearer view
      We were honored
      Thank you for coming
  • 2022, june 3, 1:40 pm
    친절하시고 여러 검사들을 많이 해주시며 눈에 맞는 렌즈를 찾을 수 있도록 최대한 도와주십니다. 추천 드립니다
    • 2022, june 6, 8:07 am
      안녕하세요 친절한 시력검사로 시야만족을 드릴수 있어서 저희도 기쁩니다. 방문주셔서 감사합니다
  • 2022, may 11, 4:52 am
    캐나다에서 안경부탁드렸는데 설명도 친절히 잘 해주시고 포장도 꼼꼼히 해주셔서 안경 잘 받았습니다~ 나중에 또 재구매 할께요 번창하세요!!
    • 2022, june 30, 9:15 am
      안녕하세요~ 한국에서도 캐나다에서도 시력보호와 잘보이는것은 눈건강을 위해 중요합니다.
      고객님의 만족은 저희의 기쁨이죠
  • 2022, may 5, 6:28 am
    미국에서 금액을 떠나서 눈에 맞는 안경을 맞추는 것이 참 많이 어려운 일이여서 주로 지인들이 한국에 방문하면 exam 과 안경테를 보내 안경을 만들어 왔는데 코로나 시국에 이것도 어려워서 인터넷으로 서치를 하던 중 스타 안경을 알게 되어서 반신반의 하는 심경으로 네이버 톡톡을 통해 문의를 드렸는데 너무 친절히 오랜 시간 동안 설명을 해 주시고 빠른 작업과 정말 좋은 금액 무엇보다도 식구들 모두 안경이 너무 편안해서 100% 만족 합니다. 또 많은 것들을 챙겨 주셔서 다음에도 꼭 다시 문의 드릴려고 합니다. 추천 합니다.
    • 2022, june 30, 9:16 am
      안녕하세요 ~미국에서 한국인의 얼굴, 시력에 맞추어 눈편한 시야를 위해 저희 스타안경원을 찾아주셔서 감사합니다. 비록 현실적인 거리감이 있지만 고객님과 많은 소통으로 최대한 만족을 드리려 노력하고 있어요 애용해 주셔서 감사합니다
  • 2022, february 26, 12:42 pm
    I went in and they did the most extensive eye exam I ever had! I was amazed by all the details about my vision they found out. They also spoke amazing English and the price was very good for all the services and quality of lenses.
    • 2022, june 30, 9:18 am
      Hello, we will provide detailed information on vision + vision protection through various standard eye exams to customers who have vision problems. thank you for visiting
  • 2022, february 19, 6:27 am
    Mr Lim is very patient to explain every detail to me. He is also meticulous in the eye checkup. I will certainly recommend Starglasses especially to those who speak English.
    • 2022, february 27, 5:08 am
      Thank you for visiting our Star Glasses

      we are
      Through eye examination, eye analysis method, and eye focus measurement
      I'm showing you how to see more clearly and comfortably in English.

      thank you for visiting
  • 2022, february 11, 9:50 pm
    My daughter's supply of contacts was running low, so we went looking for an Optometrist who we could work with in English. Dr. Kim was wonderful, patient, and thorough with the exams, the explanations of the results, and recommendations for environmental changes that would help improve her vision.

    He had a wide selection of frames to choose from, and we found an interesting and fun pair for her with his aid.

    Thank you for the excellent service!
    • 2022, february 14, 5:50 am
      Hello, Frank.
      Thank you for visiting with your family over an hour away. We will continue to strive for better service and eye protection.
  • 2022, february 10, 8:14 am
    The optician is very kind and professional. He gave a very detailed explanation for my eyes condition and I am satisfied with the overall service quality. Highly recommend to foreigners living in Korea.
    • 2022, february 14, 5:58 am
      Hello, Andrew. We have checked that your desk work causes a lot of eye strain.
      For improvement through precision visual acuity test
      Thank you for waiting for me to explain in various ways.

      thank you for visiting
  • 2022, february 10, 4:14 am
    10살 딸 아이의 안경테가 심하게 비틀어져서 두통이 너무 심하게 왔습니다. 최대한 빨리 한국에서 안경을 구할 수 있는 방법이 있을까 검색하다가 스타안경원을 알게 되었습니다. 사장님께서 상담해주시는 과정에서 저희 딸아이의 시력 뿐만이 아니라 편안하게 착용하는것도 계속 걱정해주시고 신경 써주셔서 너무 믿음이 갔습니다. 오늘 EMS로 안경을 모두 받았는데 너무 정성스럽게 꼼꼼히 포장해주셨어요. 아이의 농구 고글도 케이스 안에서 흔들리지 않게 추가로 판지를 넣어주신걸 보고 너무 감동했습니다. 그동안 늘 미국에서 저희 가족 안경 맞추는게 큰 걱정이었는데 사장님 덕분에 큰 시름 놓았습니다. 여름에 한국 방문하면 저와 제 남편 안경도 상담받으러 갈 계획입니다. 정말 강력 추천합니다!!
  • 2022, january 27, 7:06 am
    굉장히 친절하시고 검사를 많이 해주시지만 안경 렌즈는 제대로 맞추기 힘듭니다. 처음 구매할 때 비구면을 계속 강요하길래 구매했는데 몇 주가 지나도 적응이 안됐고 오히려 시력도 떨어졌습니다. 두 번째 방문 했을 때 직원이 매우 친절하게 응대해서 그나마 2점 남깁니다.

    * 추가
    새로 맞춰주셨는지 잘 기억이 안나는데 바꾼 렌즈도 적응 안되서 그냥 버리고 안과 가서 검사 받고 다른 곳에서 새로 맞췄습니다. 1점으로 바꿀게요.
    • 2022, january 31, 7:14 am
      안녕하세요 5월5일, 21일에 방문주셨지요~
      고객님의 양쪽시력차이가 너무 많으셔서
      저희는 일반적인 구면렌즈를 안내드릴수가 없었서
      비구면렌즈를 추천드렸습니다.

      고객님의 원거리~근거리시력차이로 인한 특성원인으로
      시야불편사항 상담차 재방문주셔서
      무상 렌즈교체를 드렸는데
      이후 편하게 잘 사용하시고 계신지 궁금했습니다

      애용해주시고 리뷰도 남겨주셔서 감사합니다
  • 2022, january 2, 5:02 pm
    It was my first time to visit an optician since I came to Korea. I have a special eye condition so I had to make sure I went to a good one who could understand my needs and explain to me the whole process.

    The doctor was very patient and friendly all throughout as he helped me through the long series of vision tests. He kindly explained step to me so we can come up with the best lenses that suited my condition and my lifestyle. He even helped me pick the frame that was best for the lens.

    – show
    • 2022, january 18, 11:10 am
      Hello~ Kenn Gutierrez
      It was an honor to be able to improve the visual discomfort.
      thank you for visiting
  • 2021, december 23, 4:58 am
    At first, we were just glad to find an English-speaking Optometrist as we just moved to Seoul where language became a barrier. Then, after meeting Dr. Kim, we realized we received much more than expected. He was informative, patient, friendly, and kind. He greeted our daughter with waffle cookies as treats.
    Vision tests were performed utilizing state-of-the-art technology allowing accurate eye measurements. A thorough explanation followed the whole procedure from the beginning to the end. The st
    – show
    • 2022, january 18, 11:31 am
      Hello Ardi Ferdiansyah Saleh. It was an unforgettable time visiting with your family. We were happy to be able to solve the inconvenience you experienced due to poor vision. Thank you for visiting. Stay healthy.
  • 2021, november 20, 6:49 am
    Dr. Dongwon Kim was great! He was very knowledgeable and taught me some things I didn’t know. He was friendly and welcoming. It was great to find an English speaking doctor! Highly recommend!!
    • 2021, december 10, 2:49 pm
      Hello, Adan Correa.
      It was nice to meet you and your friends.

      Whenever you have bad eyesight,
      Please visit. (Sunday is excluded))
      We're your vision care helpers.
      Thank you for coming.
  • 2021, november 15, 5:23 am
    I have been there 8 times for the last 5 years to get my glasses.whenever i visit, good service, quality and nice price for glasses for reading books and even driving licenses too. I am really proud of this Star Glasses company. The ceo Mr.Kim Dong won is really kind & good character since i knew him.
    Anyway thank you for your best service for me & all of us who visit the store in near future.
    Star Glasses is the only shop of my favorite glasses.
    • 2021, december 10, 2:47 pm
      Hello, Douglas macarthur.

      We're happy that you're satisfied with the glasses you bought.

      Thank you so much for not forgetting to come from afar.
      Stay healthy!
  • 2021, november 10, 1:46 pm
    The doctor was so patient with me. You have to make an appointment to come but there's a link on the website/blog and I believe you can call as well. I was delayed and arrived late for my appointment but he emailed me back as soon as I told him and said he could still meet me for an exam the same day. He explained everything in great detail and examined my eyes far more thoroughly than I've ever experienced before (although I'm American and have never before had an eye exam abroad). Great place!
    • 2021, december 10, 2:45 pm
      Hello, KD.
      Since there are many neighborhoods with similar names in Korea, we will respond as soon as possible if you are uncomfortable.

      It was nice to improve your eyesight.

      If you have bad eyesight, please visit anytime (excluding Sunday please~;)).
      Thank you for coming.
  • 2021, november 4, 11:04 am
    Honestly a totally fantastic experience. I’ve never had a more thorough test or a better explanation of my prescription and the changes. Also explained perfectly in English. They were so helpful from start to finish and are helped my get a whole new pair as well as getting the lenses changed in my old frames. Very reasonably priced. Couldn’t recommend more.
    • 2021, december 10, 2:41 pm
      Hello, Emma Chamberlain.

      To the customers who are coming,
      Precise vision tests and guidance are our responsibility.

      I'll guide you to a world that's easy to see.
      Thank you for coming.
  • 2021, october 31, 6:40 am
    I currently live in Seattle and have recently ordered my glasses from this place via kakao talk and leap of faith.

    To be honest, I was skeptical at first regarding getting glasses online without trying them on in person. But, my skepticism exceeded my great desire for getting glasses with excellent quality. So, I decided to give it a try after series of searches on line.


    I am so satisfied!

    I think I will keep ordering my glasses from this place in the future.

    Great service + Great
    – show
    • 2021, december 10, 2:38 pm
      Hello, Joshua Nam.
      Seattle, USA. You ordered prescription glasses.
      Thank you for being satisfied with your new glasses.
      Stay healthy!
      I'll see you around.
  • 2021, october 28, 1:49 pm
    해외에서 외국인 친구가 한국 브랜드 렌즈만 선호해서 검색하다가 찾게 됐는데, 너무 친절하게 잘 안내 해주시고, 렌즈 종류도 사진 찍어 보내주셔서 국제배송 주문 했어요.

    어제 보내주셔서 소포는 아직 배송중 이지만, 서비스까지 챙겨주셨다고하니 제 친구는 벌써 기대중이네요.

    안그래도 외국에서 렌즈/안경 맟추는게 복잡했는데, 스타안경원 알게되서 이제 마음 편해졌어요. 감사합니다!
  • 2021, october 11, 12:58 pm
    정말 친절하고 안경사로서 사명감을 가지시고 일하는 곳입니다. 한국 일본 유럽 미국에서 안경을 다 맞춰본 고도난시, 도수낮은 사람입니다만 이곳처럼 꼼꼼한 검사와 고퀄리티의 안경 제품을 해주는곳이 없었습니다. 한국 여행 짧게 다녀온 교민으로서 정말 강추드립니다ㅡ 제작 기간이 좀 기니 반드시 미리 방문하세요. HSA FSA용 영문 영수증도 제작해주십니다.

    I MUST say, this is one of the best place in the world. I've purchased glasses in the US, Japan, Korea, Europe but nowhere compare to here. The optometrist Dongwon Kim truly takes his time to check your eyes to achieve the best quality glasses for daily use. Make a reservation in advance through Naver
    – show
    • 2021, december 10, 2:35 pm
      Hello, Gihyun Kang.

      More than taking time,
      It's worthwhile to make glasses that you can see comfortably.

      Thank you for the detailed review.
      Stay healthy! Thank you for coming from America.
  • 2021, october 6, 10:58 am
    This place was very nice and made sure that I got what I needed. The exam was detailed and we'll explained. Would recommend. It's on the second floor with an elevator. Enter the door next to the pharmacy and go to the second floor.
    • 2021, december 10, 2:33 pm
      Hello, Hailey Rene Hinson.
      It was an honor to improve your eyesight. Thank you for coming.
Average rating - 5 based on 96 reviews and 48 ratings